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Originally these injectors have a flow rate of 60 l/h @ a pressure of 100bar. Stage 4 Injectors have a flow rate of 144 l/h/100bar –> 163% increase compared to stock
Injector output with changed setup –> 163% increase compared to stock (full load injection 1600bar/1700µs). The higher the rpm, the higher the difference in performance!

For model years 2003-2004 we utilize a 143° spray angle

For extreme competition projects only. The complete injector set up is altered in our stage 4 series of injectors. These injectors are designed to get the maximum amount of fuel, in the shortest amount of time, into the combustion chamber. Be careful ! These injectors are not very easy to control. These internal alterations add the advantages of better engine response and maximum performance at high rpm. These internal body design changes can be added to our Stage 1, 2 & 3 injectors by special request.


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