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Originally these injectors have a flow rate of 60 l/h @ a pressure of 100bar.
Our MY03 Stage 0.5 injectors use the same nozzle flow as our stage 1 injectors use. (nozzle flow rate of 78 l/h/100bar –>30% increase compared to stock)
For model years 2003-2004 we utilize a 143° spray angle

They are detuned to lower emissions and exhaust gas temperatures. An increase in fuel economy will be noticed as they have a shorter injection duration, with the same energizing time as the OEM injectors. This makes the Stage 0.5 a perfect towing injector.

To better understand the injection quantity increase, below are the values for the full load injection quantity @1600bar/1700µs:

OEM: ~125mm³
Stage 0.5: ~150mm³ 
Stage 1: ~165mm³

All our remanufacture injectors contain a new hardchrome coated valve piece, a new solenoid and older injectors are upgraded to the small puck design (nozzle guided valve piston). All BBI reman injector have the same functional tolerances as new injectors.

BBI Core procedure:

Customers wishing to obtain refunds on their purchase of BBI reman injectors, customer will be charged an up front core deposit. Customers core injectors have to be received within 30 days of the original invoice date

Upon return and thorough inspection of core injectors, customer will be refunded either the full or a partial pro-rated core deposit.

The amount of the refund is affected by many factors, you can find the details in our core acceptance policy;



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